The Bundesarchiv (BA), or the Federal Archives, was established in 1952 and has collected the largest archival resources in Germany. Among the documents concerning the centuries-old history of the country, a significant place is occupied by archives related to the period of the Third Reich and especially the period of the Second World War. Numerous fonds concern the occupation of Poland in 1939–1945 with particular emphasis on the occupational administration, police apparatus and related institutions, resettlement of people, labor and extermination camps, as well as with the liquidation of Jewish ghettos in individual cities. In addition, post-war accounts of Germans living in Eastern Europe until 1945, as well as all materials regarding the escape and displacement of the German population from areas east of the Oder and Lusatian Neisse rivers, are subjective but are also of great interest. Access to the archival resources of the Bundesarchiv was granted pursuant to the cooperation agreement concluded on 29 January 2019 between the Pilecki Institute and Bundesarchiv, and can also be extended to third parties after a User Declaration has been signed.

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Archive: Bundesarchiv


Archive: Bundesarchiv

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